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Simas Family - Cerebral Palsy: After two firms dropped our case we had no hope of getting justice. We called Dr. Fagel who with his skill and reputation fought for us, changing our lives forever.
Simpson Family - Brain Damage: After sizeable offers by the defense, Dr. Fagel asked if we would like to go to trial. We did and the jury awarded us $8 Million Dollars.
Trigerous Family - Kaiser Permanente: Dr. Fagel was an angel to our family going out of his way to fight for the treatment our son deserves. It is a relief to know that he will be taken care of.
Saxton Family - Birth Injury: While other attorneys told me I had no case, I called Dr. Fagel as he specializes in birth injury. He relieved all our worries and made life easier.
Ison Family - Cerebral Palsy: As a medical doctor, Dr. Fagel immediately recognized we had a case and was able to get us a beautiful new home with an elevator and therapy pool.
Delgado Family - Birth Injury: Life before meeting Dr. Fagel was very hard but thanks to his hard work and willingness to take our case to trial, our son is now set for life.
Martin Family - Birth Injury: From the moment Dr. Fagel accepted our case he never wavered in his determination to get our son all that he deserved.
Zimani Family - Brain Damage: Being a physician and a lawyer, Dr. Fagel understood exactly what happened to me and what I would need and for that we will never forget him.