About the Firm

Dr. Fagel is an attorney and physician who represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice and negligence cases against doctors and hospitals exclusively on behalf of an injured patient.

We specialize in cases resulting in catastrophic injuries caused by doctor or hospital negligence, such as birth or brain damage, wrongful death, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, and paraplegia cases.

Key Facts About the Firm

  • Dr. Bruce Fagel practiced emergency medicine for 10 years before becoming an attorney and he currently maintains his medical license in California. His track record as a California medical malpractice lawyer and a doctor gives him the edge that is needed for maximum recoveries, awards and settlements in complex California medical malpractice cases.
  • Dr. Fagel obtained a $460 million ($20 million present cash value) medical malpractice jury verdict, which is the largest medical malpractice verdict in California history.
  • Dr. Fagel has gone to trial and obtained multi-million dollar jury verdicts in more than two dozen counties in California. He has also litigated against most major medical malpractice defense firms in California and has now extended his practice to include Nevada and Arizona.
  • Dr. Fagel has successfully prosecuted numerous medical malpractice cases against Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, which is the largest healthcare provider in both Northern and Southern California. Although Kaiser requires their members to participate in binding arbitration of all malpractice claims, our firm has obtained significant arbitration awards and settlements against Kaiser.
  • Dr. Fagel has been directly involved in the legislative process affecting medical malpractice cases. He assisted in effecting the passage of California Code of Civil Procedure section 36(g), which provides for a priority trial date for children under the age of 14 who are injured due to medical malpractice. This statute was enacted despite strong opposition from medical and hospital lobbyists in Sacramento. Dr. Fagel brought and argued this law's first case on appeal (Peters v. Superior Court) which required that all California courts recognize this statute as mandatory. This law allows Dr. Fagel to obtain earlier settlements or trial verdicts on cases involving children.
  • Dr. Fagel has authored various articles on medical malpractice issues that have been published in the L.A. Daily Journal, The Forum (Consumer Attorneys of California), The Advocate (Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles) and other publications. He served as a consultant on medical malpractice law to the California Judicial Council Committee, which wrote the new CACI jury instructions (California Approved Civil Instructions). Dr. Fagel is also regularly invited to speak before the media and organizations of attorneys, physicians and hospitals.
  • Dr. Fagel has been nominated as Trial Lawyer of the Year by Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles on eight different occasions. He is also featured in the reference book, "Best Lawyers in America."


In today's world of managed healthcare and steady advances in the science of medicine, should you or your family become injured by medical negligence, you deserve to have legal representation by an attorney who understands physicians and medical practice. Dr. Fagel has the high level of medical understanding and commitment imperative to this type of case.