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35+ Years Experience With 10 years of medical practice in emergency medicine and over 35 years of law, Dr. Fagel has the experience to understand both the medicine and the medical practice issues involved in your case.
98% Success Rate With Over $1.4 billion recovered for our clients, The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates is recognized by the attorneys and insurance companies that represent doctors and hospitals as one of the best plaintiff attorneys in California.
Kaiser Arbitration If you or your family have been injured through Kaiser, and need legal representation, Dr. Fagel has the high level of medical understanding and commitment imperative to this type of case.
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California Medical Malpractice Attorney

Dr. Bruce Fagel has tried and settled more medical malpractice plaintiff cases than any other attorney in California.

When The National Law Journal selected “The 10 Top Trial Attorneys in the Nation,” Dr. Fagel was the only medical malpractice attorney listed. Dr. Fagel was nominated eight times by the Consumer Attorneys Association for their prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award. He is dedicated to fighting for his clients and getting them the results they deserve.

Dr. Bruce Fagel practiced emergency medicine for 10 years before becoming an attorney and he currently maintains his medical license in California. His track record as a California medical malpractice lawyer and a doctor gives him the edge that is needed for maximum recoveries, awards and settlements in complex California medical malpractice cases. Dr. Fagel specializes in cases involving birth injuries, cerebral palsy, and brain injuries in adults, infants and children.

If you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic, life-changing injury as the result of the negligence of a doctor, hospital, nurse or other medical professional or facility, call our medical malpractice lawyers today at 800-541-9376 for a free consultation.

Se habla español. All of our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis so there is no cost to you until we succeed. Click here for a video guide to common medical mistakes featuring Dr. Fagel.

Why do you need an attorney who only handles complex medical malpractice cases?

Unlike other types of personal injury cases, the facts necessary to prove your case are based on the medical records and testimony of medical experts. Your attorney must understand the facts of medicine and the law to effectively prepare expert medical witnesses whose testimony is necessary for any successful medical malpractice or negligence case.

Ultimately, your attorney must explain the medical and legal issues to the jury and judge to recover the best settlement or verdict. If you want to receive the largest settlement possible, you must have an attorney who has both the experience and track record to represent your case; this is what sets Dr. Fagel apart from the rest.

Medical Malpractice Case Results Dr. Fagel has obtained over $1.4 billion in jury verdicts, settlements, and arbitration awards. Dr. Fagel has spent years dedicating himself to obtaining the justice and compensation his clients deserve. Among the countless successful outcomes to cases throughout his career. All Results
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$460m Birth Injury Verdicts Improper Use of Forceps during Delivery Ashley Hughes, a minor v. Pomona Valley Community Hospital Details
$59.3m Cerebral Palsy Verdict Improperly Managed Labor and Delivery Caitlin Greenwell, a minor v. John Muir Medical Center Details
$43.5m ER/Hospital Negligence Hypoxic Brain Damage Brown v. Community Hospital of San Bernardino Details
$7.9m Medical Negligence Birth Injury B.W., a minor v. West Hills Hopsital Details
$8.5m Medical Negligence Medical negligence resulted in severe and permanent brain injuries D.H., a minor v. Children's Hospital of Central California Details
Factors to Consider When Choosing an Attorney for Your Medical Malpractice Case


Many attorneys will handle medical malpractice cases, along with a variety of other personal injury or other types of legal matters. In a complex medical malpractice case, the only experience that matters is their experience with other medical malpractice cases. Ask the attorney how many brain injury medical malpractice cases they have taken to trial and won? When was their last jury verdict in such a case? How many complex brain injury medical malpractice cases have they settled? When was their last such settlement? The law in medical malpractice cases is very different from other types of cases involving significant injuries, and attorneys who do not regularly handle medical malpractice cases are at a significant disadvantage in dealing with defense attorneys and the insurance companies for doctors and hospitals.

Dr. Bruce Fagel only handles medical malpractice cases and he has tried and settled more medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in California, on behalf of injured victims of medical malpractice and their families. In the last two years alone, he has settled more than 40 medical malpractice cases involving catastrophic injuries to children and adults, collecting more than $100 million for his clients in 2010 and 2011.

How Quickly Can Your Case Be Resolved

Most medical malpractice cases take years to resolve, either by settlement or trial. Many attorneys are unwilling or unable to push their cases to an earlier resolution. Dr. Fagel was instrumental in negotiating with the “medical lobby” to get the California Legislature to allow minors under age 14 to obtain a trial date in 6-9 months from the motion. Dr. Fagel also argued the case to the Second District Court of Appeal that held that this Code section was mandatory, which allows all of Dr. Fagel’s case that involve minors under age 14, including children injured at birth, to an early priority trial date which has the effect of forcing the defendants to resolve the case years before they would want to do so.

No Win No Fee: Call today for your free consultation (800) 541-9376

Dr. Bruce Fagel has a staff of several associate attorneys who assist him in the discovery process and he aggressively pursues cases, with an average time to settlement of 19-20 months from the date the case is filed. Many significant injury cases have been resolved in less than 1 year from filing.

Client Testimonials
“Thank you for all your assistance this past year since the birth of my grandson Dominic. I really don’t know what we would have done without your expertise in dealing with Kaiser Permanente. Dominic thanks you for being an advocate on his behalf and for all the others that Kaiser has harmed. You are the best Dr. Fagel!”
Norman Phillips (Burbank, CA)
"Thank you for successfully handling our medical malpractice case involving my wife Susan. Your work over the past few years has resulted in a settlement which will benefit the future of my children."
Mark Silverman
"I cannot find the words to say that would express my gratitude to you and your assistant. It is not often you meet or do business with those who care. I am forever grateful to God for the role you played in helping my son Daniel."
Shelley Young (Las Vegas, NV)
"Thank you all so much for your professionalism and hard work you did on our case. Your compassion and understanding and time are greatly appreciated."
Brian and Andrea Winton
Types of Medical Malpractice

As we only handle medical malpractice cases, we are able to focus our resources and experience on this highly complex field, including in such areas as the ones listed or view all of our categories by clicking the button below.

medmal logo Medical Malpractice
A common form of medical mistakes is the misdiagnosis of symptoms or the failure to diagnose a medical condition. Learn More
birth logo Birth Injury
Brain injuries as a result of medical malpractice can affect patients of all ages. Learn More
surgeon logo Surgical Errors
Any surgery can be potentially hazardous to a patient, such that a bad outcome or even death can occur even in the absence of any surgical negligence. Learn More
medical negligence logo Medical Negligence
Medical negligence is defined as the act or omission in treatment of a patient by a medical professional, which deviates from the accepted medical standard of care. Learn More
brain logo Wrongful Death
A wrongful death claim is one specific type of medical malpractice action where the patient died as a result of medical negligence Learn More
medical logo Cerebral Palsy
The term cerebral palsy refers to a motor coordination problem due to an injury to the brain, which controls both voluntary movement and coordination. Learn More