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Ison Family - Cerebral Palsy As a medical doctor, Dr. Fagel immediately recognized we had a case and was able to get us a beautiful new home with an elevator and therapy pool.
Saxton Family - Birth Injury While other attorneys told me I had no case, I called Dr. Fagel as he specializes in birth injury. He relieved all our worries and made life easier.
Simpson Family - Brain Damage After sizeable offers by the defense, Dr. Fagel asked if we would like to go to trial. We did and the jury awarded us $8 Million
Delgado Family - Birth Injury Life before meeting Dr. Fagel was very hard but thanks to his hard work and willingness to take our case to trial, our son is now set for life.
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“Thank you for all your assistance this past year since the birth of my grandson Dominic. I really don’t know what we would have done without your expertise in dealing with Kaiser Permanente. Dominic thanks you for being an advocate on his behalf and for all the others that Kaiser has harmed. You are the best Dr. Fagel!” Norman Phillips (Burbank, CA)
“We would like to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work and dedication you have done for us to win the case of our daughter. Because of your distinguish reputation, experience, and thorough knowledge of the subject matter, the outcome was remarkable and is still unbelievable. When we consulted your office regarding our daughter’s case, all we wanted to fight for was her rights, her comfort, and her future. We never thought to be part of the success, however, with everything that you and your staff have done for us, our daughter, and for the whole family, please express our deepest appreciation and five million thanks for everything!” Name Withheld (San Jose, CA)
"When we learned of Zachary’s diagnosis several months after his traumatic birth, we knew that the doctors were responsible. We are very grateful for the settlements we received; due to your expertise Zachary will never go without the equipment, treatments, and therapies that he will require throughout his entire life. As difficult as this process was for our entire family, you and everyone on your staff did everything possible to help us through it with respect, courtesy, professionalism, and most appreciated: compassion." Mitch, Marjorie, and Zachary Martin (San Bernardino, CA)
"I cannot find the words to say that would express my gratitude to you and your assistant. It is not often you meet or do business with those who care. I am forever grateful to God for the role you played in helping my son Daniel." Shelley Young (Las Vegas, NV)
"It is with gratitude and admiration that my husband and I send you this letter. We would like to express our thankfulness for your representation of our son, Connor Gordon, in our recent medical malpractice lawsuit. Your professionalism and reputation is truly the reason for our settlement. We are truly grateful. Despite the nature of your business and the sadness that results from so many of your clients, you bring hope and possibility of a future for these children and their families. Thank you for believing and fighting for all these victims resulting in medical negligence. We will forever be grateful for your representation of our son." Melinda and George Gordon (Buena Park, CA)
"Thank you all so much for your professionalism and hard work you did on our case. Your compassion and understanding and time are greatly appreciated." Brian and Andrea Winton (Mariposa, CA)
"The family of Sharon Black would like to send our heartfelt thank you for you and your staff that helped with her case. Sharon felt very thankful with all that you did for her and was very blessed and happy; she had great pride in her new home. We also send our special thank you so that you may know that you brought a wonderful gift in a most difficult time in Sharon’s life." Lorraine and Larry Greer; Sherri and Doyle Mandrel; and Donald R. Black (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
"Thank you for successfully handling our medical malpractice case involving my wife Susan. Your work over the past few years has resulted in a settlement which will benefit the future of my children." Mark Silverman (Las Vegas, NV)