Comments from Judges & Defense Attorneys
"Dr. Fagel is one of the most delightful medically intelligent attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure of appearing before me to present a case. He showed more knowledge about medical issues than many of the experts presented by the defense in the case." The Hon. Gregory Lewis, Superior Court Judge
"Bruce Fagel tried two cases before me in the Superior Court of Contra Costa County, and one where I was an arbitrator. I think he is simply outstanding. I have never seen a better plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney in my career. I can’t get any more superlative than that." Richard Patsey, Superior Court Judge, retired
"Dr. Fagel is a gentleman.... he conducts himself professionally and gets excellent results. He naturally has down the jargon used in medical cases because he’s a doctor." The Hon. Charles W. Stoll, Superior Court Judge
"Bruce Fagel is a very fine professional, highly knowledgeable and capable. He is thorough, articulate, zealous, and very persistent." The Hon. Rebecca Westerfield, Judicial Arbitrator & Mediation Services (JAMS)
"When you’re in trial with Bruce, it’s war because any question he asks has real potential to hurt your case. Bruce is one of the best medical malpractice attorneys practicing in California." Louis DeHaas, Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney (LaFollette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler, Silberberg & Ames)
"He is extremely well prepared. Bruce Fagel is a tenacious opponent in court." Dick Carroll, Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney (Carroll, Kelly, and Trotter)
"I have had a lot of cases with Bruce in the malpractice field, and he is one of the best plaintiff's lawyers in the state...He is a very hard working guy and is very, very competent. If he has got a case against you, you know you have a worthy opponent. If you are going to go to trial, he is going to give you a real hard battle for who the jury is going to find for." Alan Rushfeldt, Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney (Rushfeldt, Shelley and Drake)
"Dr. Fagel is one of the best plaintiff's medical malpractice lawyers in Southern California if not the state...He is a very strong advocate for his clients. He is a vigorous adversary." David J. O'Keefe, Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney (Bonnie, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe and Nichols)