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Hospital Incentive To Bury Mistakes Must Be Rectified

San Francisco Chronicle

By: Jamie Court and Bruce Fagel A child checks into the hospital and something goes terribly wrong. Within the first few days, the family is given a grim prognosis and pressured to turn off life support. This happens more often than you think in California hospitals, not just to 13-year-olds like Jahi McMath, but in circumstances that are far closer calls. What the vulnerable families in these cases don't know is that hospitals in California have an economic incentive to encourage families t ... Read More View PDF

Fetal Vacuum Firm Facing Damage Suit / Family Can Seek Redress, Appeals Court Rules

San Francisco Chronicle

By: Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer A Redwood City family can sue the nation's largest manufacturer of fetal vacuum extractors for alleged responsibility for serious injuries to a newborn baby in 1997, a state appeals court has ruled. The Court of Appeal in San Francisco ruled this week that the family of Omar Kanaan Aldouri could try to prove that Prism Technologies Inc., based in Texas, failed to warn doctors adequately about the risks of using its product, the Mityvac Obstetrical Vacuu ... Read More View PDF