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At The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates, we have been successfully representing victims of cesarean section and other birth injuries for decades. Dr. Fagel is uniquely qualified to handle your birth injury case in Los Angeles because he practiced emergency medicine for 10 years before becoming a medical malpractice lawyer. In fact, he still maintains his medical license in California. He is nationally recognized for his success in obtaining two of the top 100 jury verdicts in 2002 and one of the top 100 jury verdicts in the United States in 2005.

When doctors or other medical professionals have reason to believe that a fetus during labor or delivery may be harmed by allowing a vaginal birth to proceed, a cesarean section must be considered as an option. C-section birth is often the safest way to make a healthy delivery in the face of childbirth complications. It is critical that a doctor knows when this must occur, because there are many variables to consider if a cesarean section delivery should be performed. If an obstetrician fails to perform a c-section procedure in a timely manner, complications, severe injury or death could occur.

A Cesarean section, commonly known as a “C-section,” is a surgical procedure where incisions are made through a mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. It is normally performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby’s or mother’s life, or health at risk. A C-section procedure may be necessary when:

  • The fetus has developed abnormally
  • There is an abnormal heart rate in the fetus
  • Problems exist with the placenta or umbilical cord
  • The baby is too large for a vaginal delivery
  • Mother has genital herpes or HIV
  • Failed forceps delivery
  • Breech position
  • Multiple births
  • Fetal distress
  • Uterine rupture

C-Section Risk Factors

A Cesarean section procedure is sometimes necessary during the birthing process. However, it carries more risk than a normal vaginal delivery. C-section complications are relatively common in the United States. There are many situations that could arise during delivery that complicate the process. Some possible risks to the mother of a C-section procedure include:

  • Infection of the incision or the uterus
  • Blood clots in the mother’s legs
  • Heart or lung problems
  • Damage to the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or bladder
  • Reactions to medication or anesthesia
  • Heavy bleeding during or after surgery
  • Damage to the intestines

There are also numerous injuries to the baby that can result from C-sections including infections, lacerations, fractures to the skull and bones, nerve damage, brain injury or even death.

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Medical professionals must always be prepared to act responsibly should a delivery complication arise that requires a C-section delivery. Fortunately, mothers and infants are legally protected with the right to professional medical care, including protection from c-section error. If the standard of care is violated by a obstetrician or other medical staff member, any injuries or damages suffered by the mother or infant can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit to seek financial compensation.

Because of Dr. Fagel’s strong reputation and successful trial record as a medical malpractice attorney, approximately 95% of the claims filed by his office are settled prior to a trial date. With his team of highly experienced birth injury lawyers who share his dedication to aggressively defending victims of medical malpractice or negligence, our firm has obtained more than $1 billion in jury verdicts and settlements.

If you or your baby suffered an injury because of medical negligence before, during or after delivery of your child, call our office for a free case evaluation. All of our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, so there is no cost to you until we win your case. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at the firm have been helping families recover monetary damages for birth injuries and medical malpractice for over two decades. Call a California C-section injury attorney today at (800) 541-9376.

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