Jury Verdicts
$460 million Ashley Hughes, a minor v. Pomona Valley Community Hospital Total Paralysis Below the Neck | Los Angeles County Dr. Fagel achieved a verdict of $460,000,000 on the behalf of a young girl who suffers total paralysis of all movement and function below the neck as a result of excessive forceps use during delivery. The mother was admitted to the defendant hospital at 8:30 a.m. for induction of labor because the pregnancy was overdue. The defendant obstetrician, Dr. Jouvenat, ordered that... Read More
$43.5 million Brown v. Community Hospital of San Bernardino Brain Injury to Three Month Old Baby after Respiratory Infection | San Bernardino County Dr. Fagel achieved a verdict of $43,500,000 on behalf of an 18-month-old child who received severe brain damage after monitoring devices in his crib were disconnected. The plaintiff, then aged 4 months, was admitted to San Bernardino Community Hospital’s regular pediatric floor for a respiratory infection. Three days later, after his condition had improved, the pediatrician told the plaintiff’s parents that he... Read More
$22 million Simpson v. Regents of the University of California-UCI Medical Center Brain Injury to 35-Year-Old Woman after Surgery | Orange County Dr. Fagel achieved a verdict of $22 million on behalf of a 35 year-old woman who suffered brain injuries from pulmonary edema after nursing employees negligently administered excess fluid following surgery. The plaintiff underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor from her uterus without complications. After surgery, she was moved to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and given IV fluids and Inderal... Read More
$13 million Rafael Correra, a minor v. Methodist Hospital Sacramento Uterine Rupture | Sacramento County Dr. Fagel obtained a verdict of $13,000,000 on the behalf of a child who suffers serious brain damage as a result of hypoxic injuries sustained during a uterine rupture. The mother was first admitted to the hospital for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section) trial of labor after being found to have irregular contractions. The fetal heart tracing was reactive and reassuring,... Read More
$12.3 million Thompson v. Mathahs, Upland Outpatient Surgical Center, Inc., et al Brain Injury to 24-Year-Old during Cosmetic Surgery | San Bernardino County Dr. Fagel and his associates obtained a verdict of $12.3 million on behalf of a 28-year-old woman who now suffers severe brain damage after having Lidocaine induced seizures following elective breast augmentation surgery. During surgery, the surgeon administered Lidocaine as a local anesthetic in addition to general anesthesia. There were no problems during the surgery and the plaintiff was then moved to the... Read More
$12.02 Million Jessica Ramirez v AHMC Healthcare dba El Monte Hospital Brain Injury | Los Angeles County Fagel negotiated a $12,017,970 settlement for the family where medical negligence by doctors and the hospital resulted in the 20 year-old patient experiencing irreversible brain injury which, ultimately, causes her to remain in a persistent vegetative state. The patient reported to the emergency department with a complaint of being shot in the head by an air gun. The nurse did... Read More
$8.75 million Michael Novell, a minor v. Clovis Community Hospital Improperly Managed Labor and Delivery | Fresno County Dr. Fagel obtained a verdict of $8.75 million on behalf of a child who received significant brain injuries during the birth process after medical staff failed to properly respond to fetal distress. The plaintiff’s mother was admitted to the hospital at 37 weeks gestation for induction of labor due to mild pre-eclampsia. After 22 hours on Pitocin, the midwife considered possible failure to progress... Read More
$8.5 million Dioresly Lora v. Palmdale Regional Medical Center Brain Damage Caused Coma | Madera County Case Report - Verdict $15,026,260 gross, $7,444,538 present cash value after MICRA reductions Diroresly Lora v. Palmdale Regional Medical Center Case Number: MC0230074 Judge: Victor Chavez, Dept. 96, LASC Plaintiff Attorney: Bruce Fagel, Law Offices of Bruce G. Fagel & Associates, Beverly Hills Defense Attorney: Joseph Farchione, Lamar Jost, Wheeler, Trigg & O'Donnell,, Denver, Colorado Richard Harris, Dummit, Buchholz &... Read More
$5.9 million Chapman v. University of California Board of Regents dba University of California Irvine Medical Center Cerebral Palsy and a Seizure Disorder | Orange County Dr. Fagel achieved a $5,900,000 verdict on the behalf of a young girl who now suffers from cerebral palsy after nearly suffocating to death at her mother’s side shortly after her birth. The minor plaintiff and her twin brother were both delivered by Cesarean section without serious complications. The mother was then given two medications, including morphine, to relieve pain from the... Read More
$5.6 million Rashad v. Mitchell Brain Injury to 3-Year-Old during Tonsillectomy | Los Angeles County Dr. Fagel obtained a verdict of $5.6 million on the behalf of a child who remains in a persistent vegetative state after sustaining injuries resulting from anesthesia errors during and after surgery. The plaintiff, then age 3 years old underwent a standard tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy at Los Angeles Metropolitan Hospital. The defendant, Dr. Mitchell, was the assigned anesthesiologist. There were no complications... Read More