$12.02 Million Brain Injury | Los Angeles County

Fagel negotiated a $12,017,970 settlement for the family where medical negligence by doctors and the hospital resulted in the 20 year-old patient experiencing irreversible brain injury which, ultimately, causes her to remain in a persistent vegetative state. The patient reported to the emergency department with a complaint of being shot in the head by an air gun. The nurse did not consider that the patient might have a projectile lodged in her brain and calmly told the Emergency Room physician that the patient complained of a “BB shot to the head” and was ambulatory. The emergency room doctor did not examine the patient or her wound, or render any care and treatment to the patient based on the nurses comments. A CT scan at a second hospital hours later showed a large bi-frontal hematoma with intraventricular extension and scattered post-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage associated with pneumocephalus. The failure to properly diagnosis and treat the patient’s injury resulted in irreversible and serious injury causing the patient to be in a persistent vegetative state. Dr. Fagel relied on his experience as a doctor and worked with a team of highly respected experts to zealously argue on behalf of the family. This effort led to an eight figure settlement that is being used to pay for medical expenses.