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Bariatric weight loss surgery has helped many people lose weight and begin living a healthy lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery is one of four operations that fall under the class of surgical operations known as “bariatric surgery” used in the medical industry to treat morbid obesity. About 200,000 of these procedures are performed in the U.S. annually. Complications can result from any surgery, but there are some medical events that are caused specifically by malpractice during the gastric bypass procedure.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Complications

One major study concluded that 15% of patients experience complications after receiving gastric bypass surgery, and .5% of patients died within six months of undergoing the procedure (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. 29 April 2009).

Some known complications include:

  • Infection – Abdominal infections can result from incisions on the abdomen or inside of it. This can happen due to faulty incisions, contaminated medical devices, and other errors.
  • Anastomotic Leakage – Gastric bypass surgery involves a surgical connection between the stomach and bowel. This connection is called the “anastomosis.” That seal can fail and release fluid from the gastrointestinal tract to the abdominal cavity.
  • Anastomotic Stricture – The anastomosis, when healing, can create scar tissue at a rate that outpaces the tract’s natural stretching process. When this happens, certain foods and sometimes even liquids cannot pass through.
  • Anastomotic Ulcer – This complication is one of the most common and has a number of potential causes, such as restricted blood supply, smoking, and bacteria.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies – This type of complication is often the most difficult to detect. Gastric bypass surgery can impede the body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients, such as calcium and iron. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to a number of health effects.

As with any surgery, gastric bypass surgery requires great skill and precision on behalf of the doctor performing the procedure. Any misstep, even minor, could result in serious health complications to the patient.

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