Cool-cap facts

-The Olympic Cool-Cap is designed to provide selective head cooling with mild, below-normal body temperature cooling in term newborns. The main components are a cooling unit, a control unit, temperature probes, and a water-filled cap.

-The cool-cap treats the patient by maintaining a steady flow of water at a selected cool temperature through a cap covering the infant’s head.

-In December 2006, the FDA approved the Olympic Cool-Cap System, a first-of-its-kind medical device for the treatment of babies born with moderate to severe HIE. The cool-cap is designed to prevent or reduce damage to the brains of these patients by keeping the head cool while the body is maintained at a slightly below-normal temperature.

-As a condition of the FDA approval, Olympic Medical Corporation-manufacturer of the cap-set up a patient registry to collect information on device usage and to track treatment outcomes.

-The cool-cap was designed for an initial clinical trial and incorporates refinements based on experience and results during the trial. It consists of a water-recirculating cap next to the infant’s skin that is covered by an insulated outer cap. The cap provides uniform and controlled cooling of the critical region of the head. The inner cap has a network of channels that recirculate water from the cooling unit for efficient and controlled heat transfer. The pattern of the water channels provide maximum and uniform cooling contact with the head and prevents pressure points.

-To help maintain the desired cap-cooling temperature, the outer cap is insulated and is covered with reflective metal foil to minimize heating caused by the radiant warmer.

-The cooling-cap is disposable and comes in three sizes.

-The cooling-cap must be administered to newborns within the first six hours of life.

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