Orange County Wrongful Death Lawyer

The loss of a loved one is difficult in any circumstance, but losing someone to an avoidable medical issue can be confusing and devastating. The last thing a person wants to do when they have recently lost a loved one is deal with lawyers, doctors, and hospitals. That’s where Dr. Bruce Fagel comes in.

While he can’t change the fact that you’ve lost a loved one, he can make sure you are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. He has experience fighting hospitals in court and winning. He also has negotiated and settled dozens of cases with hospitals before they even got to trial. If you need a wrongful death attorney, call the office of Dr. Bruce Fagel today at 800-541-9376 for a free consultation.

Why Hire Attorney Dr. Bruce Fagel

In a wrongful death case, Dr. Fagel will help you with several things.


Before a case is officially filed, Dr. Bruce Fagel will provide you with a free consultation, where he can help you determine if you have a claim. This will also help you decide if Dr. Fagel is the best attorney for you.

Notice & File

Timelines are incredibly important. Missing a deadline could mean the difference between recovering a significant amount of money or receiving nothing. If you hire Dr. Bruce Fagel, he will properly handle all of the lawsuit scheduling, making sure to notify the defendant of the case and then filing it on time, thus making sure you don’t miss any critical deadlines.

More Research

Dr. Fagel will do all necessary research to prepare for your case and ensure you have the best chance of success. He has 15 skilled and experienced associates, as well as other support staff who are always available to help.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses are necessary in medical malpractice wrongful death cases. Dr. Fagel will determine which witness is the best for your specific case, and he will make sure they are prepared to testify on your behalf.


When Dr. Fagel takes on a case, everyone knows that he believes he can be successful. He isn’t afraid to go to trial, but he will always try to negotiate an excellent settlement before a trial. Professional negotiations can save you a lot of time and money when they are handled properly.


If the defendant is unwilling to settle the case, Dr. Fagel will confidently go to trial and fight tooth and nail to ensure you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

What Damages Can I Claim in a Wrongful Death?

Damages in a wrongful death claim due to medical malpractice can be quite complicated to calculate. What’s important for you to know is that you can recover economic and non-economic damages. In wrongful death suits in California, there is no cap on the amount of some economic damages that can be awarded. For non-economic damages, there is a cap of $250,000.

Call an Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

With the option of a free consultation, you’ll never waste your time when you reach out to Dr. Bruce Fagel about your wrongful death claim. He worked as a physician in California for over a decade and is still licensed. In addition to having his medical license, he is an accomplished attorney who has won and/or settled hundreds of cases in California. He can help explain what kind of damages you might be entitled to and help you determine if you have a successful wrongful death claim. Call an Orange County wrongful death attorney today at 800-541-9376 for a free consultation.