Sacramento Birth Injury Lawyer

If you or your child has suffered an injury during childbirth, commonly called a birth injury, we know that there is a huge financial, physical, and emotional toll that it can take on you and your entire family. Most birth injuries leave you or your child with lasting harm, possibly for a lifetime. Treatment might cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If a negligent medical professional caused the birth injury, they should pay for this treatment, literally and figuratively. Dr. Bruce G. Fagel has decades of experience handling birth injury malpractice cases. He has handled more medical malpractice cases than any other attorney in California. Call The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates today at 800-541-9376 for a free consultation.

Do I Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

If you’re dealing with a birth injury, it’s crucial that you contact an attorney. There are so many intricacies and complicated deadlines that have to be met in order for you to file a birth injury lawsuit successfully. If you try to speak with a doctor or hospital on your own, there’s almost no chance they will even want to talk to you. They will contact their own lawyers and bury you with confusing paperwork to try to make it as difficult as possible to get the help and information you need.

Please contact a Sacramento medical malpractice attorney immediately so you don’t miss out on recovering much-needed and deserved compensation.

What A Lawyer Will Do For You

When you hire a competent and experienced birth injury attorney, they will make sure everything is taken care of so you have the best chance at being successful in your claim. They will request all relevant evidence, such as medical records, doctor’s notes, and other essential documents. Additionally, they are aware of all deadlines and will make sure your claim is filed on time.

Why Bother Filing A Lawsuit?

Many people want to grieve and move on, and don’t think that filing a lawsuit is worth their time and energy. However, one of the best ways you can move on is to file a lawsuit and successfully recover the compensation you deserve. Not only is it important that someone is held accountable for a birth injury caused by negligence, but it’s also crucial that you are compensated so you can afford all of the treatments that you and your child might need.

Dealing with an injury from birth could mean dealing with an injury forever, and the cost of treatment and other medical services could add up very quickly. It might initially seem overwhelming, but you’ll be glad you went through with it. At the very least, you should contact an attorney for a free consultation. This won’t take up much of your time and it will give you a better idea of whether you could have a successful claim or not.

Call a Sacramento Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

Dr. Fagel has decades of experience practicing medical malpractice law. Additionally, he is a licensed physician in the state of California. This is a huge advantage because for birth injury cases, your attorney will be tasked with explaining and proving facts based on complex medical records and medical terms.

Additionally, they will have to make sure all medical expert witnesses are prepared to testify on your behalf. The right person for this job is someone who is trained in both the law and in medicine, and that’s Dr. Bruce Fagel. Call the office today at 800-541-9376 for a free consultation.