Southern California Medical Malpractice Attorney

The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates is a medical malpractice firm that represents victims of medical negligence throughout Southern California. The firm is led by Dr. Bruce Fagel, an attorney who is also a licensed physician. He has more than 30 years of experience representing victims of medical malpractice and has handled a number of cases such as birth injuries, surgical errors and wrongful death. When patients are seriously injured or killed because of a doctor, surgeon, nurse or other medical professional’s error, The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates fights to secure maximum financial compensation.

  • Recovered a total of more than $1.3 billion in verdicts and settlements for medical malpractice victims
  • Dr. Fagel has personally tried and achieved settlements in more than 700 malpractice cases, putting him in the lead for most malpractice settlements in California
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles has nominated Dr. Fagel eight times for Trial Lawyer of the Year
  • Dr. Fagel was the only attorney in the nation to be named to the “10 Top Trial Attorneys in the Nation” by The National Law Journal

Dr. Fagel practiced medicine for more than ten years before becoming a lawyer. As a medical malpractice attorney, he still maintains his California medical license. His training in medicine combined with his training and experience as an attorney are essential to the firm’s success in medical malpractice cases. There is great advantage in retaining a Southern California medical malpractice lawyer from this firm. With an experienced doctor and legal advocate on your side, you can fight to secure justice after a serious medical event. Listed below are some of the major accomplishments of Dr. Fagel and his firm.

As a Southern California medical malpractice law firm, The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates has a variety of convenient office locations, such as Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. The firm represents clients throughout Southern California, wherever they may be. Dr. Fagel also has extensive experience dealing with all the major hospitals in Southern California, such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Pacific Hospital, West Hills Hospital, Kaiser Hospital West Los Angeles, and more.

Southern California encompasses a variety of counties and a total of eight metropolitan areas. Those counties include Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Imperial County, Kern County, San Diego County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates is prepared to represent medical malpractice victims in each one of these counties, so call today if you have a case.

Another advantage to retaining a Southern California medical malpractice attorney from our firm is that Dr. Fagel settles about 95 percent of his cases outside of court, meaning they do not go to trial. This is an advantage because, although prepared for trial and skilled in trial procedure, Dr. Fagel is able to achieve a successful settlement for the client without having to set foot in a courtroom, saving the client time and money. To receive a consultation, please call the firm today at (800) 541-9376.