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Meet Dr. Fagel

Law Office of Dr. Bruce Fagel & Associates
We are the only firm in all of California, Nevada, and Arizona which exclusively represents victims of medical malpractice and their families.
Why I Became an Attorney
After practicing medicine for ten years, I came to realize that I could do more to help patients as an attorney.
Advantage of Being a Physician / Attorney
As a physician, I understand the complex medical issues discussed in court proceedings to prove malpractice occurred.
How Will I Know if I Have a Case?
As a physician, I personally review all medical records to determine if there is evidence to successfully pursue a case.
What Are Medical Errors?
Almost every patient suffers at least one type of medical error during a hospitalization, some with life-long consequences.
What is Medical Malpractice?
Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider delivers negligent care that causes injury or death.
How Much Will It Cost to Pursue a Case?
Our firm pays for all costs associated with your case through to settlement or trial.
What Are Statutes of Limitation?
Designed to resolve cases in a timely manner, each state has different requirements and exceptions for filing suit. More Dr. Fagel Videos

Types of Cases

Birth Injury
Often preventable, injury to the baby occurs due to failure to recognize fetal distress or trauma during delivery which can have devastating results.
Cerebral Palsy
Resulting from lack of oxygen to the brain, this type of injury has life-long consequences requiring costly therapies.
Erbs Palsy
Injury to the nerves in the neck affecting movement of the arm and hand caused by severe stretching or pulling during vaginal delivery.
Brain Damage
The destruction of brain cells due to decreased oxygenation, inadequate cerebral blood flow, hemorrhage, clotting or direct physical trauma.
Wrongful Death
When malpractice is suspected I must use my medical skills to link the acts/omissions of the provider with the wrongful death.
Medication Errors
Often the result of charting errors or miscommunication, I rely on my pharmacological knowledge to determine what occurred that caused injury.
Delay in Diagnosis
Certain cancers have poor prognoses no matter when detected, yet others (breast, colon) can be successfully treated if diagnosed properly.
Emergency Room Errors
Having practiced emergency medicine for ten years, I have seen how prolonged wait times and over-crowding can have devastating results. More Case Videos

News Stories

Annette Ramirez - Surgery Error
Ramirez lost her arms and legs after her doctors ignored an infection caused by a routine surgery.
Richard Chamoun - Wrongful Death
When nurses disconnected his heart monitor for 33 minutes, Richard Chamoun suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. After terminating life support, the hospital is facing wrongful death charges.
Bruce Fagel on Television
A compilation of Bruce Fagel's interviews, news stories and record breaking settlements.
Ashley Hughes - Birth Injury
A 4 year-old quadriplegic girl is awarded the largest medical malpractice award in California history, providing 460 million dollars over her lifetime.
Hank Gathers - Wrongful Death
The family of the late Loyola Marymount basketball player file suit for 32.5 million dollars alleging that his death could have been prevented.
Eric Brown - Brain Damage
A jury awards a baby 47 million dollars after he was brought to the hospital with a mild respiratory infection only to end up brain damaged.
Patty Phommanyvong - Treatment Delay
The family of an 18 year-old cheerleader files suit against the LAUSD when a failed defibrillator leaves her comatose.
Richard Chamoun - Monitor Error
A 37 year-old man suffers cardiac arrest after nurses remove his monitors for 30 minutes leaving him severely brain damaged. More News Videos


Rivera Live - Delay in Care
Dr. Fagel argues that a hospital which refused to accept a baby in cardiac arrest violated the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.
KTLA News - Quadriplegia
Dr. Fagel is interviewed after his client is awarded 21 million dollars, the largest malpractice judgment in California history.
CNN American Morning - Radiation Overdose
Dr. Fagel explains the cancer risks faced by patients exposed to radiation due to a programming error at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
KSEE News - Surgical Errors
Dr. Fagel discusses clients who were left with medical tools and sponges inside their bodies for several years after surgery.
KTTV News - Cheerleading Accidents
Dr. Fagel reveals that rates of spinal injuries for high school cheerleaders is double that of all other sports combined, amounting to 30,000 per year.
KCAL News - Jury Awards
Dr. Fagel explains why awards may be limited by courts, yet given the expense of medical care, judgments in these cases are still quite large.
FOX News - Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Dr. Fagel discusses the risks of undergoing plastic surgery without a board certified anesthesiologist and limited post-op care.
ESPN Documentary - Hank Gathers Case
Dr. Fagel alleges that the death of the late basketball player was preventable but that doctors failed to recognize his dangerous heart condition. More Interviews

Client Stories

Simas Family - Cerebral Palsy
After two firms dropped our case we had no hope of getting justice. We called Dr. Fagel who with his skill and reputation fought for us, changing our lives forever.
Simpson Family - Brain Damage
After sizeable offers by the defense, Dr. Fagel asked if we would like to go to trial. We did and the jury awarded us $8 Million Dollars.
Trigerous Family - Kaiser Permanente
Dr. Fagel was an angel to our family going out of his way to fight for the treatment our son deserves. It is a relief to know that he will be taken care of.
Saxton Family - Birth Injury
While other attorneys told me I had no case, I called Dr. Fagel as he specializes in birth injury. He relieved all our worries and made life easier.
Ison Family - Cerebral Palsy
As a medical doctor, Dr. Fagel immediately recognized we had a case and was able to get us a beautiful new home with an elevator and therapy pool.
Delgado Family - Birth Injury
Life before meeting Dr. Fagel was very hard but thanks to his hard work and willingness to take our case to trial, our son is now set for life.
Martin Family - Birth Injury
From the moment Dr. Fagel accepted our case he never wavered in his determination to get our son all that he deserved.
Zimani Family - Brain Damage
Being a physician and a lawyer, Dr. Fagel understood exactly what happened to me and what I would need and for that we will never forget him. More Client Stories