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Play Video Rivera Live - Delay in Care: Dr. Fagel argues that a hospital which refused to accept a baby in cardiac arrest violated the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.
Play Video KTLA News - Quadriplegia: Dr. Fagel is interviewed after his client is awarded 21 million dollars, the largest malpractice judgment in California history.
Play Video CNN American Morning - Radiation Overdose: Dr. Fagel explains the cancer risks faced by patients exposed to radiation due to a programming error at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.
Play Video KSEE News - Surgical Errors: Dr. Fagel discusses clients who were left with medical tools and sponges inside their bodies for several years after surgery.
Play Video KTTV News - Cheerleading Accidents: Dr. Fagel reveals that rates of spinal injuries for high school cheerleaders is double that of all other sports combined, amounting to 30,000 per year.
Play Video KCAL News - Jury Awards: Dr. Fagel explains why awards may be limited by courts, yet given the expense of medical care, judgments in these cases are still quite large.
Play Video FOX News - Plastic Surgery Nightmares: Dr. Fagel discusses the risks of undergoing plastic surgery without a board certified anesthesiologist and limited post-op care.
Play Video ESPN Documentary - Hank Gathers Case: Dr. Fagel alleges that the death of the late basketball player was preventable but that doctors failed to recognize his dangerous heart condition.
Play Video Financial Inquiry - Medical Malpractice: Dr. Fagel defines the elements of a medical malpractice case and the legal theory underlying the civil tort system.