Medical Malpractice is All We Do
You Deserve a Lawyer Who is Also a Medical Doctor
With Over $1.4 Billion Recovered For Our Clients

As a physician, I personally review all medical records to determine if there is evidence to successfully pursue a case.

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Play Video Law Office of Dr. Bruce Fagel & Associates: We are the only firm in all of California, which exclusively represents victims of medical malpractice and their families.
Play Video Why I became an attorney: After practicing medicine for ten years, I came to realize that I could do more to help patients as an attorney.
Play Video Advantage of being a physician/attorney: As a physician, I understand the complex medical issues discussed in court proceedings to prove malpractice occurred.
Play Video What are medical errors?: Almost every patient suffers at least one type of medical error during a hospitalization, some with life-long consequences.
Play Video What is medical malpractice?: Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider delivers negligent care that causes injury or death.
Play Video How much will it cost to pursue a case?: Our firm pays for all costs associated with your case through to settlement or trial.
Play Video What are statutes of limitation?: Designed to resolve cases in a timely manner, each state has different requirements and exceptions for filing suit.
Play Video What are caps on damage?: Caps limit monetary awards for pain and suffering however there is no limit on economic damages which often result in sizeable settlements/verdicts.
Play Video What is a deposition?: This is our opportunity to get specific information from the defendants that goes beyond the medical record.
Play Video What is a settlement?: Our firm is often able to settle with defendants because we have a proven track record of being willing and able to go to trial and win sizeable verdicts.
Play Video Malpractice cases against Kaiser: As the largest health provider, 25% of our cases are against Kaiser and whether in trial or arbitration, we have won 95% of our Kaiser cases.