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A catastrophic injury to the brain which occurs when doctors fail to recognize elevated bilirubin in the newborn.

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Play Video Birth Injury: Often preventable, injury to the baby occurs due to failure to recognize fetal distress or trauma during delivery which can have devastating results.
Play Video Cerebral Palsy: Resulting from lack of oxygen to the brain, this type of injury has life-long consequences requiring costly therapies.
Play Video Erbs Palsy: Injury to the nerves in the neck affecting movement of the arm and hand caused by severe stretching or pulling during vaginal delivery.
Play Video Brain Damage: The destruction of brain cells due to decreased oxygenation, inadequate cerebral blood flow, hemorrhage, clotting or direct physical trauma.
Play Video Wrongful Death: When malpractice is suspected I must use my medical skills to link the acts/omissions of the provider with the wrongful death.
Play Video Medication Errors: Often the result of charting errors or miscommunication, I rely on my pharmacological knowledge to determine what occurred that caused injury.
Play Video Delay in Diagnosis: Certain cancers have poor prognoses no matter when detected, yet others (breast, colon) can be successfully treated if diagnosed properly.
Play Video Emergency Room Errors: Having practiced emergency medicine for ten years, I have seen how prolonged wait times and over-crowding can have devastating results.
Play Video Anesthesia Errors: Though most patients never meet their anesthesiologists, these doctors are responsible for monitoring patients during surgery and errors may occur.
Play Video Radiology Errors: Though interpretation errors do occur, more often harm is caused by miscommunication of vital radiological results to the primary care provider.
Play Video Plastic Surgery: Performed in doctors' offices without anesthesiologists on hand, injuries may occur due to the inability to properly deal with complications.
Play Video Gastric Bypass Surgery: Bypassing a major portion of the stomach, patients must be followed for signs of bleeding, clots and bowel obstruction.
Play Video Nursing Home Negligence: Elder abuse is a particularly troubling form of negligence, thus recovery is available for emotional distress even after death.
Play Video Turning Off Life Support: Beyond the ethical issues involved in termination of care, there are legal and financial implications that must be considered.
Play Video Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: Though safe in 95% of cases, complications may become catastrophic if the facility is unable to transform from vaginal to cesarean delivery.
Play Video The Fetal Monitor Strip: A critical part of the medical record, I personally analyze each strip for early signs of distress that when ignored result in major injuries.
Play Video Pitocin Administration: A drug commonly used to induce labor it may compound problems in difficult deliveries if administered inappropriately causing injury to the newborn.
Play Video Meningitis: An easily treated infection, meningitis may result in a devastating injury if there is delay in diagnosis or proper treatment.
Play Video Brain Cooling: A procedure used following acute ischemic injury to slow brain metabolism and prevent permanent neurological injury.